Launch of MIND

A quick note to confirm to you the meeting we will be having on the 16th September (in the EVENING) with the Former First Minister for Scotland, the Rt. Hon. Jack McConnell. Mr. McConnell will be soon going to Malawi for his new job as the new British High Commissioner to the Republic of Malawi. He has kindly agreed to come and deliver to MIND and our community here, his vision for his upcoming job.

I am also pleased to inform you that our Malawian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Dr. Francis Moto has kindly accepted to come and attend this function. As a result, the launch of MIND will occur at the same event.

Will you please, therefore, block your calendars to ensure that we have a large gathering befitting the generosity kindly offered by both of these Very Important People (VIPs).

We thank you for your continued support. With your support, we are bound to achieve historic results for Diaspora Malawians in Aberdeen, Scotland and indeed the rest of the United Kingdom.

Details to remember

Date Tuesday the 16th September
Time From 6:00 pm

Dr Matthews Mtumbuka
MIND Executive Director

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December 2018